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About shipping methods

Although the prices of all products in our store do not include shipping costs, we will inform you of the shipping costs separately based on the products you choose. Customs clearance flights offer the following advantages:
  • Avoid the risk of confiscation by customs
  • Logistics situation is stable
  • Domestic customs clearance is fast

This is a reliable service we can offer because we have multiple locations. If you have had your luggage confiscated in the past or you are unsure about your first purchase, feel free to use our service.

If you choose a customs clearance flight, you can track your shipment after it arrives in your country and clears customs. Tracking is not possible during air shipment from China to your country. Please note.

If you order multiple items, we may split the items into multiple shipments at our discretion.

In this case, we will send you a shipping notification for each shipment via Whatsapp.